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Stacy Hunter Celi believes in a Mind~Body~Spirit path to optimal health. The whole body must be considered when making lasting changes, which is why Stacy regularly works with and values both Western and Eastern Doctors and Health Practitioners. Her training sessions blend the art and science of human movement, while focusing on the union of strength and balance for everyday life. Stacy’s compassion and “omni” approach to working with individuals of all levels of health and wellness can be experienced as 55 min individual sessions or 90 minute Bodywork Blend of Pilates, Cranial Sacral and Reiki.

Understanding through her own journey of personal experiences the health and wellness consequences of putting everyone else’s needs before her own is one of her favorite life lessons.  This lesson was the catalyst for the creation of her Emerging and Evolving Self Care Programs and Workshops. These programs are available at Center For Holistic Healing with Dr. Lesley Allen PT, DPT as well as in the Corporate Workplace or Small Groups LIVE or Via ZOOM.

In addition to owning Paradigm Pilates, she co-owns, a boutique studio in St. Matthews with Joan Richert, Julia Lewis and Frankie Adams. Stacy is also the Founder of (think air kiss!) an awareness initiative to help those in need through Movement-Music-Wellness-Arts-and Healing. Her love for Pilates began when it was prescribed as her as an intervention for her physical therapy after a series of surgeries. She was inspired to become certified in Pilates after she experienced the benefits Pilates could offer someone, no matter what their current physical condition. 

Stacy is a PMA Certified Teacher since 2011 and a Pilates Sports Center Master Teacher Trainer since 2008.  She has enjoyed teaching fitness across the country since 1995 and returned to her hometown of Louisville, KY in 2007 after years of owning Pilates Village in Los Angeles. In 2016, after 5 amazing years of building Pilates Village Louisville, Stacy happily sold Pilates Village.  She has been FULLY enjoying the gift of time with her family and expansion of her other businesses and dreams ever since.  

Stacy Hunter Celi is currently pursuing continuing education to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is also dedicated to the continuous study of Cranial Sacral Therapy,  Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu; a physio-philosophy art of harmonizing the life energy in the body.

Certifications Include:

~Pilates For MS and Neuromuscular Conditions/ Mariska Breland 

~ MOTR Certified/Balanced Body

~Pre-Post Natal Pilates

~Pilates For Youth PY4

~Pilates for Scoliosis

~Peak MVe Chair

~BASI Pilates Certification

~NASM Certified Personal Trainer

~AFAA~IDEA Member~Certified CPR/First Aid

~ Previous Regional Fitness Director of Synergy Performance Health & Fitness (Los Angeles)

~B.A. Theatre Florida State University

HEALTH & WELLNESS More than a Fitness Fad August 23, 2017 The Voice-Tribune

image48 Tonya Abeln Photos by John Sodrel 

Pilates has seen a major resurgence in Louisville lately. Some may even say it seems particularly “en vogue” given the new studios that have opened this summer. Vogue Pilates, as the name would suggest, has had an unparalleled level of chic associated with it since its grand opening in June; but this boutique Pilates studio is about so much more than just style.While the name does evoke a feeling of fashion, the studio is simply named after its prime location—Vogue Center in St. Matthews. It is located within and operates in partnership with Dr. Troy’s Live Well Natural Health Center above Coals Artisan Pizza. 

If you are familiar with the practice of Pilates, you know that it is way more than a passing trend in fitness. In fact, Joseph Pilates developed the system of exercises in the first half of the twentieth century with the intention to strengthen the human mind and body.Aligning with Pilates’ belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, the owners and instructors at Vogue Pilates are motivated by the improved vitality of their clients—by evolving and empowering people to transform their minds, bodies and spirits.

When speaking to one of the four owners and master trained teacher (Pilates Sports Center) Stacy Celi, one feels the pure intention that inspires her to pursue and share the Pilates method. With over a decade of experience, she shares, “My goal is to always meet people where they are on their fitness journey and to help them feel freedom in their bodies.”Celi says she tremendously values the diversity among her client base. “I train bodies that are vulnerable and are looking to heal and exceptional athletes who are looking to strengthen, gain flexibility and everything in between. This method really celebrates our differences and in that spirit, we have session offerings that are flexible and can absolutely accommodate various needs. I have trained busy working moms by Skype session before, so I understand that working this into your lifestyle looks different for everyone.

Fellow owner and instructor, Julia Lewis says the studio operates like a family and their clients are part of that: “We are very much a boutique studio which makes the experience feel more intimate. Stacy trained all of the owners—we call her our Pilates mom and co-owner Frankie was one of my first clients and closest friends.”The fitness collective, which includes owners Celi, Lewis, Frankie Adams and Joan Richert, operates as a co-op with eight instructors, allowing clients to request private or semi private sessions at their convenience. With six Balance Body Studio Reformers, group equipment classes are also available throughout the week at various times.

The compassionate professionals at Vogue Pilates embrace the notion that change happens through small acts over time. Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce stress, increase flexibility, build lean muscle or all of the above, they are committed to working with your schedule to help you achieve it at your own pace. 

Celi says, “Improving one person’s wellbeing can positively impact the entire community.” In which case, Vogue Pilates is improving our city one client at a time. 

 Vogue Pilates3730 Frankfort Ave. #203 


Paradigm Pilates @ The Center for Holistic Healing


 Welcome to The Center for Holistic Healing (CHH) where integrative Physical Therapy is fused with Medical Therapeutic Yoga with Dr. Lesley Allen and Pilates with PSC Master Teacher Trainer Stacy Hunter Celi for a “whole” person approach to healing and wellness with outstanding results. Whether you are suffering from an acute injury, chronic pain, or would like to perform wellness classes for the prevention of injury and disease, CHH offers a variety of services to meet your needs.  Dr. Lesley Allen, PT, PYT, Founder and Owner of this facility, has made it her mission to create a gracious space to inspire healing on a whole new level.  A delicate blend of Evidence-based Western medicine and the ancient art of  Ayurveda ("science of life" evolved in India) allows a well balanced healing system to address both physical and emotional well-being. 

LIFE & STYLE > FASHION Fashion View: Stacy Celi March 20, 2014 The Voice-Tribune


Photo by ALEXANDRA BRUMLEY | Intern at Clay Cook Photography


What is your fashion view?
To me, fashion is another layer of creating and designing the life you want. For me it is intertwined with music, theater, film and art, because they are all expressions of moments in time and being present in the moment.How do you describe your style?
My style is eclectic, versatile and ever-changing. I think every woman has a “sugar and spice” side and a “denim and diamonds” side, don't they? I also have to feel comfortable and be able to chase after my children (Born shoes). Right now, I think anything with pockets is worth its weight in gold. I have three children under the age of five, so pockets are key.What are your favorite pieces?
Right now I love Zobha, Lucy and Athleta because they fit well and are easy to care for. I am also so loyal to Skechers shoes when working out that I should be a spokesperson for them. When we lived in Los Angeles, I could walk to their outlet store from our home.  My favorite is the D'lite. Outside of work I am most comfortable in dresses. I like Diane von Furstenberg and Joseph Ribkoff. If it's cold, my go-to look is jeans and boots.What do you think is a womans best accessory?
As cliche as it sounds, I will have to say her smile. But I also don't think a woman can have too much jewelry. I love an unusual chunky necklace or bracelet. You also can't go wrong with a unique bag. Right now I really like inherited leather bags by Sue Schofield. They are one-of-a-kind bags that have been re-purposed and handcrafted from garment and upholstery leather.Are there any trends you’re looking forward to wearing for spring?
I am looking forward to the new blush colors. I am also looking for the perfect red carpet dress for my husband's book award ceremony in April.Where is your favorite place to shop?
Lately, I start and finish at Sunny Daize boutique on Shelbyville Road. Shopping for myself is a luxury that doesn't happen that often. So when it does, I appreciate that I can go there on any given day and walk out with whatever I am looking for within an hour. I personally think they are Louisville's best kept secret.Has your career affected your outfit choices?
When I am at Pilates Village, I am in black Pilates pants. How lucky am I to have that uniform? However, just like any other uniform, it can get boring, so I am always searching for comfortable clothes that I can work out in and that are functional and fashionable.Who is your fashion icon?
I don't think I have an icon, but I do pay attention to certain celebrity outfits more than others. I always like what Cate Blanchett and Jenifer Lawrence are photographed in, even if it is something others would consider risky. I like their unique choices and courage to try it. I see Jennifer in Dior Haute Couture and Cate in Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Armani Prive.  Just for the record, I don't have any of those in my closet.What else would you like to our readers to know about you?
I grew up in hand-me-downs, so I am grateful for anything new and consider it a real luxury. Most importantly, I thank God every day for life, his grace and blessings in my life. They come in so many different ways; the missed car accident because you left late for work that morning or the unanswered prayer because His was better. Life can get so busy that we don't even notice these amazing moments. In my (almost) 40 years, I have had nine abdominal surgeries, three broken bones (one shattered) and foot and knee surgery. I know how exhausting pain can be. Pilates is the reason I am having more pain-free days than not, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Pilates Village Studio has the most PMA instructors in the state of Kentucky. I am very proud of my staff for this achievement and their dedication to professional growth and continuing education. Having three children in three years, and owning a business in the process, has helped me develop an entirely new appreciation for the importance of sleep and what is worthy of my time and what is not. I realize that is a big statement, but truly, time is precious and perspective is vital. I have learned to spend a great deal of time focusing on what it right in this world and what is truly important in this world, and I ask the same of those around me.Miranda Rogers McDonald is the author of When Miranda isn’t blogging about fashion or flexing her social media muscle, she is spending time with her husband and feisty Chihuahua, Niles. She believes in celebrating the smaller things in life, such as good wine and food, an interesting book and sitting on patios while enjoying conversations with her closest friends. She strives to one day join the ranks of the fashion editors that she idolizes, and to show the world that a girl from Kentucky knows a little something about style.